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Anonymous asked:

Dear Love, I love you! Did you know that? The thing says "Love Letters" so I wanted to write you one!

That was more of a love sentence, but it’s the thought that counts! ;p

First Completed Character Model Sheet. 

Character Name: Dormouse 

Hair Colour: Dark Redish Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue Green 

Height: 5’7 - 5’8 est 

Clothing Style: Punk 

Clothing Colours: Black, grey, and some red. 

Going to get a new scanner today, so I can post a better quality version, sorry for the bad quality.

Anonymous asked:

Thoughts on the recent release of "Alice in the Heart" on Android and iOS?


We aren’t at liberty to discuss another company’s product. —AA

That’s an odd response… The english localizations are licensed by Seven Seas, correct?
You seem to have no issue with changing their character’s dialogue and demeanour in any of the published mangas thus far. Is saying “It’s pretty cool news for fans of the series who’ve never played the games before”really that inappropriate?

I think I’m just going to post these when I get a handful of them done rather than seven per week, since I sometimes do more than one a day. 

Http:// Wonderland 100 palette challenge cont. 30- 35 

30. The Judge: Law maker and attempted upholder. Attempted. Despite high expectations he lets some of the role holders slide. Mostly because he is Judge, Jury, and executioner. 
He’s cold and quite frightening, but usually has the best of intentions. 

31 and 32, The Mad Hatter: In all this….. Glory? I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet as to why the Hatter has a stunning lack of hat. But that’s more of a surprise, and it’ll be revealed in story rather than out. He enjoys tea as most Hatter’s do, almost to the point of being obsessed with it. 

33. Slums Merchant: Wonderland is broken into sections, one of the more densely populated areas is the slums. Trade is more prominent than currency and the free flow of drugs is easily accessible. It’s also, by far, the most dangerous location. The prices are good though. 

34. The March Hare (With and without tattoos): 
I’m just trying to figure out which I prefer. 

35. Dormouse: The only designed character without a set location yet….. I really need to stop neglecting her. I do like her design so far though, it might change when her location is set though. She does like coffee, one of the only people in Wonderland who does. 

100 palette challenge Http:/Wonderland continued 22- 29 

I screwed up the order of the palettes because, I’m kind of easily distracted like that, but her they are anyways. I’ll correct the order and get everything back on track with the next post. 

22. Ace of Diamonds 

23. Ace of Clubs

24. Ace of Hearts

25. Ace of Spades

26. UPDATE: Mary Ann is now the Caterpillar 

27. The Hatter and his real life friend who will be given a different role because they’re too hilarious not to have together. 

28. The White Rabbit. 

29. The singing flowers of the garden. Known to most as Petals. 

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