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First Completed Character Model Sheet. 

Character Name: Dormouse 

Hair Colour: Dark Redish Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue Green 

Height: 5’7 - 5’8 est 

Clothing Style: Punk 

Clothing Colours: Black, grey, and some red. 

Going to get a new scanner today, so I can post a better quality version, sorry for the bad quality.

Anonymous asked:

Thoughts on the recent release of "Alice in the Heart" on Android and iOS?


We aren’t at liberty to discuss another company’s product. —AA

That’s an odd response… The english localizations are licensed by Seven Seas, correct?
You seem to have no issue with changing their character’s dialogue and demeanour in any of the published mangas thus far. Is saying “It’s pretty cool news for fans of the series who’ve never played the games before”really that inappropriate?

I think I’m just going to post these when I get a handful of them done rather than seven per week, since I sometimes do more than one a day. 

Http:// Wonderland 100 palette challenge cont. 30- 35 

30. The Judge: Law maker and attempted upholder. Attempted. Despite high expectations he lets some of the role holders slide. Mostly because he is Judge, Jury, and executioner. 
He’s cold and quite frightening, but usually has the best of intentions. 

31 and 32, The Mad Hatter: In all this….. Glory? I don’t think it’s been mentioned yet as to why the Hatter has a stunning lack of hat. But that’s more of a surprise, and it’ll be revealed in story rather than out. He enjoys tea as most Hatter’s do, almost to the point of being obsessed with it. 

33. Slums Merchant: Wonderland is broken into sections, one of the more densely populated areas is the slums. Trade is more prominent than currency and the free flow of drugs is easily accessible. It’s also, by far, the most dangerous location. The prices are good though. 

34. The March Hare (With and without tattoos): 
I’m just trying to figure out which I prefer. 

35. Dormouse: The only designed character without a set location yet….. I really need to stop neglecting her. I do like her design so far though, it might change when her location is set though. She does like coffee, one of the only people in Wonderland who does. 

100 palette challenge Http:/Wonderland continued 22- 29 

I screwed up the order of the palettes because, I’m kind of easily distracted like that, but her they are anyways. I’ll correct the order and get everything back on track with the next post. 

22. Ace of Diamonds 

23. Ace of Clubs

24. Ace of Hearts

25. Ace of Spades

26. UPDATE: Mary Ann is now the Caterpillar 

27. The Hatter and his real life friend who will be given a different role because they’re too hilarious not to have together. 

28. The White Rabbit. 

29. The singing flowers of the garden. Known to most as Petals. 

Http:/Wonderland Palette Challenge cont. 

This week’s palette challenge updates 15-21

15. Concept Art for the Peacock. 

The Peacock is the manager in charge of Club March when March isn’t around, which is often. It’s assumed he promoted himself to this position and in the presence of March he assumes his role as a simple waiter. He is the only one remotely interested in March (Bad puns and all). Which would be great, if March wasn’t oblivious to his existence. The Hatter and Dormouse are sympathetic in his dilemma, but neither actually points this out to March. Possibly because they are both involved in a bet to see how long it takes their friend to catch on.  

16. Dormouse close up. 

Leaning towards the low maintenance end of the female spectrum the Dormouse’s hair reflects it, often cut short and jagged. She does take the time to straighten it and apply some basic makeup.  Eyeliner especially other than that, with the pass mask and very pirate inspired wardrobe she could pass for a he. And has before. 

17. and 18. The Rabbit and the Hare. 

March likes everyone, the White rabbit usually likes everyone. Unless one of the everyone is hitting on his assistant, or him, more his assistant. Who he may or may not have a massive crush on. The White Rabbit also has a dislike for puns.   So when March hits on his assistant using puns he doesn’t have much patience. 

19. The White Rabbit’s reaction to seeing candy from about 200 meters away. He has a massive sweet tooth. 

20. and 21. The Caterpillar and The Mad Hatter. Their Relationship summed up in one picture. Each willing to help the other out, with a good deal of spite from both parties. They’re also both determined to kill the other, possibly even willing to go so far as save the other from death just so they can have the pleasure themselves at some other time. What fun would it be to kill a rival who was already dying after all? 

This week’s palette challenge updates 8-14.

8.The Caterpillar: How doth the little crocodile? The Caterpillar has a thing for order, he also has a great dislike for getting his hands dirty. Luckily for him the Hatter isn’t so concerned with wandering the slums for information, for a cost of course. That doesn’t mean for one moment they don’t want to kill the other. 

9, 10, and 11. Put together because, well, they’re always together. The Mad Trio, from left to right; The March Hare, The Dormouse, and the Mad Hatter. Criminals though and through, even by Wonderland’s standards, and that certainly says something. The Hatter is usually the instigator, March tends to follow for the thrills, the the Dormouse tries to make sure neither of them get killed in the process. 

12, and 13. : Cheshire and Dodo, birds of a feather, right? Except one is a cat. Kind of. Ish? Both good natured and fun loving, they get along well with each other and not really anyone else. They can, but usually they choose not to. Remaining in their forest to hunt birdfish, play hide and seek, and viciously kill and possibly eat trespassers. 

14. The Corpse Eater. This is one. Of many. Death is a way of life in Wonderland, and someone has to clean up that mess. They don’t attack (usually) and just tend to wander across the landscape in in slow moving groups of five to ten.  They move in glitched jagged moves, and as mentioned are slow. Unless attacking. This is rare, only when attacked do they retaliate or when someone is mortally wounded and is taking to long for their tastes. (Har har) 

Also the title as of right now is: 

I’ll write up a general summary soon.

100 Palette challenge: Days 1-7 

Day 1: The Produce Birdfishes. 

The Produce Birdfishes are a native creature of wonderland. They vary in appearance however all have; one bird, one fish, and one fruit characteristic. While you can eat them this is not recommended. They scream. Any annoyance, or threat will cause them to do this. And they scream LOUD. This is unpleasant and should be avoided as they take some time to calm down. They also don’t taste like fruit. More like like feathers, spoiled sushi, and rotten fruit. That’s if you can get past the screaming.

Day 2: The March Hare

March Hare Style: Hipster (?)

March Hare Weapon: ? 

March has a habit of hitting on women. And men. All his charisma and suaveness is lost in a mass of terrible pick of lines. Close friends with the Hatter and Dormouse he has a knack for trouble and a great dislike for responsibility. (Better description to come. )  

Day 3: The White Rabbit. 

White Rabbit Style: Cyberpunk

White Rabbit Weapon: Claw Gloves

White for short. One of the sole enforcers of Wonderland, he would be extremely effective if he weren’t so easy to bribe. (Better description to come. )  

Day 4: MaryAnn (Name not final) 

The White Rabbit’s anxious assistant. The kind hearted librarian works in the capital building. (Better description to come. )  

Day 5: Dormouse

Dormouse Style: Punk 

Dormouse Weapon: Whatever is available 

Always tired the Dormouse is usually found with the Hatter and March Hare. The most moral of the group, which doesn’t say much, she attempts to reason with their activities ultimately to fail and join their antics anyways. 

Day 6: The White Queen

Currently working closely with A.L.I.C.E. to avoid the chaos of the world and to keep herself safe. 

Day 7: Club March 

Typical Night Club Scene. Darker rooms with lit floors, colourful and loud. Crowded and energetic, even seductive. The back rooms are far more messed up. Drug Deals and things like that. 

All characters and locations subject to change. 

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