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100 Palette challenge: Days 1-7 

Day 1: The Produce Birdfishes. 

The Produce Birdfishes are a native creature of wonderland. They vary in appearance however all have; one bird, one fish, and one fruit characteristic. While you can eat them this is not recommended. They scream. Any annoyance, or threat will cause them to do this. And they scream LOUD. This is unpleasant and should be avoided as they take some time to calm down. They also don’t taste like fruit. More like like feathers, spoiled sushi, and rotten fruit. That’s if you can get past the screaming.

Day 2: The March Hare

March Hare Style: Hipster (?)

March Hare Weapon: ? 

March has a habit of hitting on women. And men. All his charisma and suaveness is lost in a mass of terrible pick of lines. Close friends with the Hatter and Dormouse he has a knack for trouble and a great dislike for responsibility. (Better description to come. )  

Day 3: The White Rabbit. 

White Rabbit Style: Cyberpunk

White Rabbit Weapon: Claw Gloves

White for short. One of the sole enforcers of Wonderland, he would be extremely effective if he weren’t so easy to bribe. (Better description to come. )  

Day 4: MaryAnn (Name not final) 

The White Rabbit’s anxious assistant. The kind hearted librarian works in the capital building. (Better description to come. )  

Day 5: Dormouse

Dormouse Style: Punk 

Dormouse Weapon: Whatever is available 

Always tired the Dormouse is usually found with the Hatter and March Hare. The most moral of the group, which doesn’t say much, she attempts to reason with their activities ultimately to fail and join their antics anyways. 

Day 6: The White Queen

Currently working closely with A.L.I.C.E. to avoid the chaos of the world and to keep herself safe. 

Day 7: Club March 

Typical Night Club Scene. Darker rooms with lit floors, colourful and loud. Crowded and energetic, even seductive. The back rooms are far more messed up. Drug Deals and things like that. 

All characters and locations subject to change. 

A bit of Wonderland News: 

I decided to do the 100 Palette Challenge. Each Palette will have something to do with the Wonderland Story. With each image will come a brief synopsis to explain.

These images may be: Creatures, Settings, Characters, Concepts, or Locations. I’ll post them once a week (so seven pictures at a time) to avoid spamming everyone. 

Bit of a heads up. I’ve officially started preproduction for my Alice in Wonderland Adaptation. I’ll probably get a facebook page up for it sometime soon, as well as posting model sheets, some thumbnails, maybe even rough pages here. 

The Collector series is the debut work of author Chris F. Holm. Who from what I can tell has two fans at the moment; Delaney and I, and that’s a damn shame. 

Check out the books, if they seem like something interesting to you, give them a try! They’re worth your time and definitely underrated gems in the genre of Urban Fantasy. 

Chris F. Holm is now possibly my favourite author and deserves some recognition. Even if it’s just by me on my silly little tumblr. 


Anonymous asked:

Which one do you prefer: Ezio or Connor?

Each Assassin kind of has their pros and cons. I liked Ezio as a character he’s not my favourite, I choose Conner.

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