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I’ve reached 700 followers—! So I want to celebrate with a small giveaway—! Here I have an Alice Package!

The Alice Package includes:

Gekijoban Heart No Kuni No Alice: Movie Art Book

Omochabako No Kuni No Alice ~PSP~ Game

7th Anniversary Heart No Kuni No Alice Strap

Sidney Black and Peter White Rabbit Pins

Heart No Kuni No Alice Poster

Here are some rules!

This contest is strictly for followers only!! I love you all, but this lot has stuck with me since I got here, so I owe them something for putting up with my shit!

There will only be one winner selected by a number generator!

Likes and Reblogs count, and you’re free to do so as many times as you wish!

I will update this anytime something new comes in, like posters or books, etc before the end of the giveaway!

The deadline is going to be JUNE 14TH!!That gives you plenty of time!

PSP isn’t included with the game. Sorry!

I know it’s not much…. But it’s all I can really offer fans who’ve stuck with me… So thank you! And good luck!

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